Pacific Partners Trading Pte Ltd, has a long established customer base operating throughout the Pacific Island and Oceania regions. These customers rely on us to help them locate and source a broad range of products from Apec & Non-Apec countries such as Australia, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Dubai & Singapore.

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About Us

PPTWe travel on a regular basis to meet with our customers throughout the Pacific.

We talk to them face to face so we understand what products they are looking for. We have an office in Bangkok and we also have our own exclusive buying and sourcing operation in Vietnam.


In addition to this we are the nominated and exclusive agents for the Pacific Island markets for a broad range of everyday, high volume products from

China under the UNCLE BILL’S brand name. ublCurrently this range covers more than 1,800 products.

Based on the above we are also able to travel on a regular basis throughout Asia to meet new and existing suppliers and manufacturers. We can discuss with them current product ranges as well as possible new products that our customers are looking for.

We can also attend trade fairs throughout Asia to ensure we keep up to date with latest trends and new product innovations that we can then report back to our customers for their evaluation.